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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions, so we are here to help! This page should answer a lot of questions you may have, however if this doesn't help you may also use the contact page to let us know!


All refunds can only be processed at the theater and can only be processed up to when the showtime starts. Once the showtime starts, the ticket(s) are no longer able to be refunded. All booking fees are non-refundable.

Any tickets purchased through Fandango or Atom can be refunded through their respective platforms.




If you have purchased a coupon, from any app/website, they can only be used at the theater. The coupons are not able to be used to reserve tickets on our website or over the phone, however you are able to come to the theater and reserve tickets for any showtime that is currently available.

Hours of Operation

We are open from 30 minutes before the first showtime starts, and close when the last showtime starts. These hours can vary based on what is showing, holidays, etc. We are open on all holidays.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used to buy tickets online, or at the theater. You can also use them to buy items at the concession stand or the bar. To use the gift card online, you can click the "Buy Tickets" button at the top of this page, and order tickets like normal. At the last page, before you click the "Pay" button, you must enter the gift card number and PIN at the top of the page. See the pictures below for details.

The number circled in RED is the "Gift Card Number."

The 4 digit number circled in BLUE is the "PIN" number.


1500 Christopher Place

Suite B101,

Lancaster, PA 17601

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